Das ARMA 3 Marksmen DLC kommt am 8. April

Nachdem Bohemia Interactive uns mit Bildern und der Developer-Testphase des neuen Marksmen DLC für Armed Assault 3 ja schon ziemlich geteased hat, haben sie heute noch fix den Releasetermin bekannt gegeben. In der offiziellen Mitteilung wird dann noch einmal näher auf die neuen Inhalte und Veränderungen am Handling der Waffen und der künstlichen Intelligenz eingegangen. Das Marksmen DLC erscheint am 8. April 2015.

arma3_dlc_marksmen_screenshot_02 arma3_dlc_marksmen_screenshot_01 arma3_virtualgarage_screenshot02

Ausschnitt aus der Mitteilung:

Serving as the backbone of the Marksmen DLC are the seven new weapons. Among these are five marksman rifles, namely the Cyrus 9.3 mm, MAR-10 .338, Mk-I EMR 7.62 mm, Mk14 7.62 mm, and ASP-1 Kir. The other two weapons are the SPMG .338 and Navid 9.3 mmmedium machine guns. The weapons will be complemented by the AMS and Kahlia medium range scopes. There will also be new ghillie suits for the NATO, CSAT, and AAF factions to provide camouflage for various terrain types. Furthermore, the Marksmen DLC will add two Remote Designators, which can be used to spot and laser designate targets from afar. Those who want to hone their shooting skills can pay a visit to the shooting range for brand new firing drills, or go on a reconnaissance mission in the Marksmenshowcase scenario.

Overall, the Marksmen DLC aims to redefine what it means to fire a weapon in Arma 3. This idea will be reinforced by a major upcoming platform update, that will be released alongside the Marksmen DLC, and will be free to everyone who owns Arma 3. Besides new playable content and major upgrades to weapon handling, this update will include suppressor and bipod weapon attachments, as well as nine new types of face paint, and three new heavy and grenadier vests designed specifically for improved explosive shielding and ballistic protection.

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